On the 4th and 5th of August, the Real Nuevo Club de Golf SS Basozabal golf course hosted for the third consecutive year a golf prize in the Hickory modality, that is to say, with clubs from before 1935 and with the rules corresponding to the beginnings of golf.
This 3rd San Sebastian Hickory Golf Open has been a charity event for the benefit of the NGO of the College of Engineers of Gipuzkoa, with the proceeds going to the Nyabunyunyi school, located in the Kimomo village on the island of Idjwi in the Congo.

For the occasion, all the participants played dressed in period costumes. A ProAm was held on Wednesday the 4th and the individual championship on Thursday the 5th. Both days were very exciting because of the novelty of playing and watching golf in its purest form.
Players who did not have vintage clubs could rent them from the professional Freddy Lilly, a bag consisting of five irons with wooden shaft and a drive (head and wooden shaft).

In keeping with tradition, each player carried his bag on his shoulder and was dressed in period costume for the occasion: the men in a tie or bow tie, long-sleeved shirt, bloomers and long woollen socks; the women in a long skirt, shirt closed at the neck and hat.

The championship was attended by the photographer, Jose Luis García de Madinabeitia of the Photographic Society of Guipúzcoa, who immortalised moments of the day.

Among the more than 40 players were Basozabal club members Fernando Berridi, Jon Urbina, Agustín Sanchez, Antonio Gómez, Paul Tamayo, Marta Gil De Gomez, Larraitz Gainberri, Manu Ubarrechena, , and the Retana Bronte family formed by Cecilia Bronte, Pablo Cortés, Gonzalo, Gabriela, Guillermo and Cecilia Retana also players from Jaizkibel Antonio Orbe Murua, Antonio and Tristán Orbe Retana and players from Madrid, Navarra, Cataluña and Andalucia.

The professional representation led by Txema Olazabal was composed by Basozabal Roberto Garagorri and the teacher Rafael Ortiz de Urbina, the Zarauztarra Ion Ander Corral and Freddy Lilly and the professionals from Madrid David Garcia, Andres Navarro, Miguel Carrasco, Adrian Carretero and Carlos Gonzalez.

The organization was carried out by Gonzalo Retana, Freddy Lilly and Jon Urbina, Manager of Basozabal Golf Club, which was impeccable. All the players gave good results despite not being familiar with clubs more than a hundred years old.

Before the start of the championship a Wellcom Pack was distributed courtesy of ISDIN, consisting of two top quality sun creams, especially for outdoor sports and a pack of WILSON low compression balls, ideal for Hickory.

After playing the ProAm, Mahou beers, Ramón Bilbao wines and Martin Miller’s Gin Tonic were tasted. A joint lunch was held at the Gartziategi cider house where, courtesy of the same, lots of bottles of cider were given out to all the players who came from other provinces. The following day, the individual championship was held, followed by a tasting of ham cut by a ham maker courtesy of Torres Cortés, accompanied by wines from the Rioja Alavesa LAUNA winery.

The distribution of prizes on both days and the raffle of gifts was very generous, courtesy of the sponsors, Arbelaitz, Seguros Santa Lucia, Hotel Arima, Golf Inteligente, Z1 Golf Academy, Ikgourmet, Adrian Arnaus, Txema Olazabal, Viajes Master, Maserati, Naranjas Orbe, Cheyenne Harley-Davidson, Real Sociedad Fundazioa, Marcal, Laboratorios Cantabria, AEJG, Sushi Donosti, Arima Wellness Center, Zuasti, PGA España, bodegas Launa, bodegas Ondarre, Azen Proyectos y Obras and BFC Basque Financial Consulting.

A Hickory set with its bag was raffled among those who had rented clubs, courtesy of the Basque Golf Federation.

The overall winner of the tournament was Txema Olazabal followed by Guillermo Retana, one stroke behind, and Miguel Carrasco third. The amateur scratch for Guillermo Retana. Men’s handicap Gonzalo Retana, followed by Anronio Orbe Retana and Manu Ubarrechena. The winner of the women’s handicap was Cecilia Retana followed by Marta Gil De Gomez and Cecilia Bronte.

All the players were transported back to the origins of golf for a day, an experience they will no doubt wish to repeat next year.