The Rules for the World Hickory Open Championship

This category is for equipment whose club heads were made prior to 1935

This category is for equipment made to replicate, as nearly as possible, clubs that were made prior to 1935

This category is for clubs that were made in 1935 or before and at the time of their release were available with both wood and steel shafts. We do allow these pre-1935 wooden club heads to be fitted with period or new hickory shafts ONLY if they were offered with the two differing shaft materials.

Permitted Clubs

The World Hickory Open Championship Committee will be the sole judge as to permitted clubs and their decision will be final.

Handicap Rules for World Hickory Events
Many of the entrants will not have played golf with hickories and therefore, do not have hickory handicaps. The tournament organisers will use the British Golf Collectors Society handicap conversion rules. Evidence of National Handicaps need to be provided and will be converted as follows.

1: Professionals- no shots added, play of scratch

2: Add 3 shots for scratch to 3 handicap

3: Add 4 shots for 4-8 handicap

4: Add 5 shots for 9-14 handicap

5: Add 6 shots for 15-20 handicap

6: Add 7 shots for 21 handicap upwards.

For Major events the maximum steel handicap is 18 for men. Therefore, the maximum hickory uplift is + 6 and the total adjustment is 24.

For Women it is 24 and the maximum uplift 7 making the total adjustment 31.

All this is designed for all new and current hickory golfers to enjoy their experience, in playing our great game with pre 1935 golf clubs or modern authentic hickories.