WHO Global Partners Program

The World Hickory Open is keen to help other hickory golfing societies expand hickory golf in their home countries.

We are looking for hickory golfing societies to join us in a partnership license agreement where you can;
  • Promote you are an official partner of the World Hickory Open
  • Include the World Hickory Open event photos in your event marketing material
  • Display the World Hickory Open banners at your event
  • Leverage your relationship with the World Hickory Open to attract sponsors
  • Advertise your event on the World Hickory Open website
  • Receive one free entry for your hickory champion to represent your country at the World Hickory Open
  • Work together on ways to promote the growth of hickory golf in your country

The Japan Hickory Golf Society joined in 2019.
The Spanish Hickory Golf Society joined in 2021.

If you represent a society or group of hickory golfers in your country, please contact us to discuss this partnership at enquiries@worldhickoryopen.com
World Hickory Holdings and the World Hickory Open is a not for profit organisation.  This Partnership Program is to help promote hickory golf.  The Licence Fee will be equal to the amount of one entry fee for the World Hickory Open Championship.