Dear Hickory Golfers,

 Due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding international travel restrictions, quarantine and Covid testing, it is with deep regret we are cancelling this year’s World Hickory Open. We know you will be disappointed but we have to be fair to all competitors and avoid last-minute changes to travel arrangements which could have a major effect on the event. We purposefully delayed this decision for a long as we could in the hope that we would receive positive news from our Government but with no indication of travel restrictions being lifted in the foreseeable future, we believe this to be the prudent decision.

 The 2022 World Hickory Open was scheduled to take place in the Highlands of Scotland and is based in Inverness. Whilst final arrangements have to be confirmed the proposed event will be as follows:

 Arrival date: Sunday 9th October

Archie Baird Trophy: Monday 10th October – Brora Golf Course or Fortrose & Rosmarkie.

WHO: Tuesday 10th October, Wednesday 11th October and Thursday 12th October – Nairn Golf Course, Castle Stuart Golf Links and Royal Dornoch. These courses are among Scotland’s best and set in the heart of the Highlands.

 Social events: Welcome Reception and Gala Dinner are confirmed. Other events being considered are a Scottish Night at a Whisky Distillery and visits to Loch Ness

 If it is your intention to play in the 2022 event our suggestion would be to attach your deposit for this year’s event to next year’s event and avoid unnecessary bank charges. We will issue prices for the 2022 event in due course so you can make an informed decision about your deposit. In any event, we would be requesting deposits for next year’s event in October this year.

Thank you, Stuart

Stuart French

World Hickory Open