WHO Event Portal

We have recently partnered with Golf Genius Software to offer a WHO Event Portal to manage our events.

The WHO Event Portal will provide you with the ability to register for events and make online payment.

Once you have registered, you can see the following features;

  • A list of who has registered for the event and how many spaces are still available.
  • Access to the WHO photo galleries from past events.
  • A list of global hickory events around the world

A month prior to the event, and during the event, we will add;

  • Your pairings and tee times.
  • The daily scoreboards
  • The full event results
  • The global media coverage of the events

Following the event, we will update the WHO photo galleries and our main website Hickory News, to keep you updated on hickory golf.

We hope this will provide you with a better overall experience before, during and after the events.

Please note the current setup requires you to go to the WHO Event Portal to Register for the Events and access the Gallery.  And then use the Home button to get back to our main World Hickory Open Championship website.  We will embed the WHO Event Portal into our main website soon to make this a smoother user experience.

Finally, we are excited to say that our agreement with Golf Genius Software allows us to extend our WHO Event Portal out to our WHO Global Partners to help them manage their hickory golf events worldwide.

Golf Genius Software https://www.golfgenius.com/