Moberg wins 2018 Championship

Closest hickory shoot out for almost a century! Luffness New Golf Club, East Lothian - In still and beautiful conditions, the players of the 14th World Hickory Open showed amazing patience, concentration and above all their sense of humour as they tee’d off at Luffness New Golf Club and Gullane Golf Club on Scotland’s Golf

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A Heart of Hickory

A Heart of Hickory By Lionel Freedman I’d heard of it. But I’d never seen it. And I certainly hadn’t played it. All of which meant that the last Friday in May, 1999 was very much a first for me. Some twenty-four golfers, walking straight out of an early 20th century wardrobe and onto the

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Best Ball 2018 Competition

Team Japan win Best Ball team competition 2018 Congratulations to our visitors from Japan who won the World Hickory Open 'Best Ball' team competition on October 16th, 2018 at Luffness New Golf Club, East Lothian, with a stableford net score of 55 points. The three players representing Japan were Katsuyuki Fukumoto, Kunihiko Takazawa and Yoshimi

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